I am an artist. I like control. But I am a mother, so I have also had to embrace chaos to both my life and my artwork. In doing so, I have been reinvigorated by my children's explorations in art. I have taken into my canvas the same joyful color layering I have watched them do. I have been discovering new ways to play with textues and color. Capturing the feel of life.

I find I often create images that reflect the pause of waiting or of overlooked places and things: the moments before or after events. The back side of houses. The process of cut flowers aging.

I have spent years learning many different art forms from flower arranging, poetry and embroidery; from ceramic sculpture, gardening, traditional painting and mediums; from woodworking to pattern drafting. I pull from my creative and diverse background to enrich and beautify my world. I feel that art has to be a part of my home and life; I crave it. I feel it tickling my fingers. My mind sinks when I have not bathed in it recently enough.

I am an artist.

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